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Tampere University Student's Handbook

How to apply an internship abroad

Tampere University and TAMK

Finding a traineeship abroad often requires an active approach to discovering the customs and practices of the destination country. So start preparing for the traineeship well ahead of time! Contact international mobility services to request a list of previous traineeships that have qualified for the Erasmus+ traineeship grant.

The University’s career services provide training in job search and career councelling. They also forward job ads and traineeship offers in JobTeaser service. More information on JobTeaser service.

When looking for a suitable placement, you can use the job databases of different countries and may also directly contact employers you are interested in.

You can also use the following websites to help you find a suitable position:

  • is a platform for Erasmus+ traineeship offers across Europe.
  • Eures (European Employment Services) is a public EU-EEA employment services network that allows you to search for job announcements in the EU and EEA countries. The site also contains country-specific information on moving to different EU and EEA countries as well as lists of the public employment services in those countries.
  • The EDUFI traineeships of the Finnish National Agency for Education have application periods twice a year (NB! You cannot apply for an Erasmus+ grant for these jobs).
  • Traineeships in teaching in Europe may be sought on the European Commission’s School Education Gateway portal or the Erasmus in Schools portal.
  • Through the Demola network students can participate in innovation challenges that bring together students and companies.
  • Erasmus+ traineeships in Slovakia

Student associations’ traineeship programmes

  • AIESEC: an independent international student organisation that operates in over 100 countries.
  • FiMSIC: Finnish Medical Students’ International Committee takes care of the international relations of medical students.
  • ELSA: The European Law Students' Association is the world’s largest organisation for law students and junior lawyers.
  • IAESTE offers 18-30-year-old students opportunities to gain practical work experience abroad. The most popular programmes are Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur. The Global Volunteer programme takes approximately 6–8 weeks and the projects range from eg teaching and architecture to web development and marketing. The Global Entrepreneur programme takes approximately 8–12 weeks. Students in the projects work for start-up companies whose fields may be eg web development, business development and marketing. It is possible to undertake a project at any time of the year. Further information on the available projects is available from the project coordinator tinja.uotila [at]
  • CERN - (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is the world’s largest research centre on particle physics located in Geneva on the Swiss-French border, which annually offers about 400 traineeship opportunities for students. There are several different programmes: Helsinki Institute of Physics HIP traineeships, Summer Student Programme, Openlab Summer Student Programme, Technical Student Programme and Doctoral Student Programme. Openlab traineeships are information technology jobs for students of IT and physics. The Doctoral Student Programme is aimed at postgraduate students.
  • VULCANUS in Japan is a cooperation programme between the European Union and Japan through which students from universities of technology in the EU can go to Japan for a year to learn the language and work in Japanese companies. The programme includes a one-week seminar on Japan followed by a four-month language course and an eight-month traineeship at a Japanese company. The applicant must be an EU citizen and at least a fourth year student. Those selected for the exchange programme will receive a grant and free accommodation. The annual application period deadline is in January and the actual programme always starts in September.
  • The European Space Agency ESA offers many opportunities for students. Also take a look at opportunities to work at ESO, the European Southern Observatory!

Invest in an experience living and working in a global city:

  • It is also possible to complete an internship through the ISEP programme, which offers internship placements in Australia and other countries. The service has a fee charge. Read more: ISEP Intern Abroad.

Traineeship offers from partner universities:

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 17.2.2023