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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Language residency in language and translation studies

Tampere University

Language residency is a compulsory part of the intermediate studies in the degree programme in languages with the exception of the English language where the residency is elective. If you are studying the Nordic languages, French, German or Russian as optional studies, language residency is required also of you.

Please be advised to check the curriculum guide for the language and/or specialisation specific instructions for completing the language residency and reporting about it. The language residency modules are ENYS03, POAA03, RANA3, SAAA05, and VEAA02. In the curriculum guide you can also find who the teacher responsible is.

For further information on language residency please contact the teachers responsible for the language residency study unit.

Faculty’s grants for degree students to support obligatory or elective language residencies

As a student in a degree programme in languages, you may apply for a grant from the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. The language residency grant is meant for degree students in languages to support their obligatory or elective language residency. The annual application period is in February.

The Faculty confers language residency grants for both group trips organised by the specialisations and the language residencies of individual degree students. The grant for the language residency is awarded only once in one specialisation/language. The Faculty does not award grants for language residency if a student already receives another grant from the university (eg exchange study programmes).

For furher information on the Faculty’s grants please contact itc.opiskelu.tau(at)

Exchange studies and short-term study options abroad

For more information, please see: Internationalisation in studies.

Published: 27.2.2019
Updated: 11.11.2021