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Tampere University Student's Handbook

Checklist for internship abroad

Tampere University

Before starting:

  • Remember to enrol at Tampere University You may enrol as either a present or an absent student as you see fit. When you enrol as a present student, you pay the TREY student union membership fee and get the academic year sticker on your student card. You are thus entitled to get student discounts in Finland (eg reduced prices on train and bus tickets) and to use the health services of YTHS. Completed study units may only be recorded for present students. You may also enrol as a present or an absent student for one semester only.
  • Notify the Digital and population data services agency and postal services of the change of address. You may make a change of address notification via the online form of postal services.
  • Also notify Kela about moving abroad. Also remember to make a notification of your return!
  • Start using messages and mandates. You will get mail from authorities electronically instead of letters and you may give a mandate to another person to act on your behalf in such matters.
  • Contact your insurance company to check your current insurance coverage. Taking an insurance is recommended (including ones for luggage, travel liability and legal protection).
  • If you are paid during your traineeship, take a look at taxation guidelines in Finland on the tax authority’s website.
  • Find out if you need a work permit or visa. Based on the principle of free movement of people, EU citizens may work in another EU country without a work permit.
  • When you embark on an Erasmus+ traineeship, you must fill a training agreement that is approved by the employer and your traineeship coordinator/ academic coordinator.
  • As an Erasmus+ trainee, you must participate in an OLS language test, which is obligatory for all students receiving the Erasmus traineeship grant. You will be invited to the test by email.
  • The Erasmus+ placement employer has the responsibility for insuring the student during the traineeship. This refers to a liability insurance, which covers any harm caused to third parties while working. If the employer does not take the liability insurance for you, contact the international mobility services. Liability insurance does not refer to a travel insurance, which you are always recommended to take for yourself. Also find out whether your travel insurance includes provision for your personal property abroad.
  • Another obligatory insurance in an Erasmus+ traineeship is health insurance (at the very least Kela’s European Health Insurance Card). You should get a private travel insurance to cover the period of the traineeship, because the European Health Insurance Card does not cover for repatriation costs and certain health care cases, so additional insurance coverage might be needed.

In the destination:

  • In the EU and EEA countries, you should register residence within three months of arrival. You may use your documents on the Erasmus status and grant when doing so. When necessary, you can get these papers by sending an email at mobility.tau [at]
  • If necessary, also register with the local authorities (a police station or equivalent).

After your Erasmus+ traineeship:

  • Remember to register your return in Finland with the Digital and population data services agency and Kela!
  • Submit your report on the traineeship via Mobility-Online. Submitting the report is a precondition for receiving the Erasmus+ grant.
  • Send the necessary documents to the person coordinating your traineeship so that the credits you have earned can be added to your academic record. 

Erasmus+ traineeship:

  • Upload the certificate on your traineeship on Mobility-Online. The certificate should include the exact start and end dates of your traineeship.
  • Please also complete the EUSurvey, which you will also be invited to do by email. The invitation will be sent to you automatically from the European Commission’s electronic system.
Published: 20.5.2019
Updated: 5.9.2022