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Hydrogen tank

Renewable Energy Technologies

The vision of the Renewable Energy Technologies Group (GoGreen) is to develop renewable energy technologies with improved performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness, thereby driving the transition towards sustainable energy sources. Leveraging our expertise in electrochemistry and materials science, the research group primarily focuses on advancing green hydrogen production and its derivatives, energy storage solutions, and cutting-edge energy conversion technologies. Our research endeavors prominently involve additive manufacturing techniques, including inkjet and 3D printing, to fabricate innovative energy devices. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the development of robust nanocomposite materials, boasting enhanced electrochemical performance. These materials encompass ionic conductors, mixed ionic-electronic conductors, and electrocatalysts, all tailored for advanced energy systems. Additionally, our group spearheads the advancement of oxide films to combat corrosion.  

In conjunction, the GoGreen group dedicates its efforts to physicochemical modeling of energy devices, harnessing artificial intelligence to architect novel energy materials and processes. 

Our group boasts a profound proficiency in a diverse range of technologies including ceramic fuel cells, electrolysers, electrofuel production (Power-to-X), dye-sensitized solar cells, perovskite solar cells, crystalline-silicon solar cells, batteries, triboelectricity and other pioneering energy solutions. Furthermore, we delve into the realms of physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, and additive manufacturing technologies. 

The group actively teaches courses, including “Materials for Energy Technologies” and “Corrosion and Wear of materials”. The group is deeply committed to the principles of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. 

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