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Process Automation

Tampere University
Area of focusTechnology

Research focuses on industrial processes and machines and include: modelling, control and monitoring of biomass boilers and power plants; modelling and control of metallurgic and mining processes; model based process design of mechanical pulping; scheduling of power systems.

The topics of the process automation research group are dynamic modeling, simulation, diagnostics, control design, and operation optimisation. The tasks of the research projects vary from the dynamic analysis of industrial processes to the design of advanced model based control applications.

In the development of process control of energy and forest based industries the group has been the leading national and important international partner for major companies.

The energy production is an established industry in Finland that has a long collaboration tradition. Since 80’ the group's contribution has been remarkable, for example, in the control development of biomass fired boilers and industrial power plants. Currently, the research scope is on the dynamic modelling of modern boilers and the performance monitoring of industrial plants.