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Cuban energy transformation Integration of renewable intermittent sources in the power system (IRIS)

The project provides significant novel research based information of the development of Cuban energy system and its potential future development paths in local and global socio-economic, political,technological and environmental context. The project builds on previous research work of the partner institutions and other research organisation.


The project is coordinated by Finland Futures Research Centre.


The research work is directly linked to Erasmus+ CRECE project (Capacity Building for Renewable Energy Planning in Cuban Higher Education Institutions, 2017-2021).  

Research objectives are:

  1. Develop a scenario construction tool for Cuban future energy development analysis and scenario building (CubaLinda) and carry out comparison with other international energy planning models.
  2. Develop planning tools for integration of intermittent renewable energy sources (wind, solar, biomass)in the Cuban electricity system
  3. Develop planning tools for grid development in Cuba in order to be able to integrate the distributed intermittent renewable energy sources in the system
  4. Develop future scenarios for Cuban energy system and the related societal impacts in the context of global development
  5. Carry out cross-impact analysis of interlinkages of Cuban energy system in the context of PESTEC framework
  6. Develop the research capacity in the participating Cuban institutions

Funding source

Academy of Finland


Contact persons

Yrjö Majanne

Project manager

yrjo.majanne [at]

+358 40 198 1168