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MicroBlock – Advancing the exchange of micro-credentials in EBSI

Tampere University
Area of focusTechnology

MicroBlock is a two-year (2021–2023) blockchain research project, in which Tampere University and Finland are connected to European EBSI-blockchain infrastructure. In practice, an EBSI-node is set up and deployed in fall 2021, followed by a pilot study about the management of micro-credentials (digital certifications about short-term learning experiences) in the infrastructure, both from end-user and organizational perspectives. The aim of the project is also to advance the adoption and utilization of blockchain services in Tampere University, ECIU University network, and beyond through research-based evidence.

Project is led by Professors Henri Pirkkalainen and Samuli Pekkola from Faculty of Management and Business, and Professor Kari Systä from Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. Considering digitalization development and ECIU-collaboration, the project is supported by Chief Digitalization Officer Juha Eskelinen and Project Manager Juhani Linna.

Project is funded by Innovation & Networks Executive Agency (INEA), and it is supported by Finnish Ministry of Finance, Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, and IT Center for Science CSC.


Funding source

Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)