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Henri Pirkkalainen

professori, tietojohtaminen, erityisesti liiketoiminnan tietojärjestelmät

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I am on a quest to uncover how we can tackle the dark side of information systems use. I am currently working on emerging technologies use for knowledge management (such as social virtual reality) and mitigation of technostress. I lead a research group, which has currently seven national and international funded projects that tackle these issues.


Associate professor:

• Research and research projects on emerging technologies (i.e. Social extended reality and Blockchain) and dark side of knowledge management 

• Teaching Data and Software Business and Emerging Technology Adoption and Use


Unit of Information and Knowledge Management

Room FB322, Festia building, Hervanta,

Tampere University

Tärkeimmät saavutukset

• Dissertation award from Ketky Ry (2014). Furthermore, the dissertation was selected as the best thesis 2014 from the IT faculty in Jyväskylä with excellent remarks

• Best paper nomination at European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2016, Istanbul, Turkey 

• Best reviewer nomination at International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2018), San Francisco, US.


• Part of the Management Board of the Information and Knowledge Management unit

• Part of the Research Development Steering Group in the Faculty of Management and Business. This group deals with topics related to conducting research in the faculty.


Tietojohtaminen / Unit of Information and Knowledge Management


Knowledge Management, Information Systems


EU, Business Finland, Direct company funding

Merkittävimmät julkaisut

• Pirkkalainen, H., Salo, M., Tarafdar, M and Makkonen M. (2019). Deliberate or Instinctive? Proactive and Reactive Coping for Technostress. Journal of Management Information Systems. (pre-print)

• Salo, M., Pirkkalainen, H., & Koskelainen, T. (2019). Technostress and social networking services: Explaining users' concentration, sleep, identity, and social relation problems. Information Systems Journal, 29(2), 408-435. 

• Pirkkalainen, H., Pawlowski, J. M., Bick, M. & Tannhäuser, A-C. (2018). Engaging in knowledge exchange: The instrumental psychological ownership in open innovation communities. International Journal of Information Management, 38 (1), 277-287.

• Salo, M., Pirkkalainen, H., Makkonen, M. & Hekkala, R. (2018). Distress, Eustress, or No Stress? Explaining Smartphone Users' Different Technostress Responses. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS’2018). Association for Information Systems AIS, (International Conference on Information Systems).

• Pirkkalainen, H., Salo, M., Makkonen, M., & Tarafdar, M. (2017). Coping with technostress: When emotional responses fail. In ICIS 2017: Proceedings the 38th international conference on information systems. Association for Information Systems (AIS). 

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