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IHA - Innovative Hydraulics and Automation

Tampere University
Hervanta Campus
AddressKorkeakoulunkatu 6, Tampere
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IHA - Innovative Hydraulics and Automation

Innovative Hydraulics and Automation (IHA) building a sustainable world of heavy-duty mobile machinery. IHA brings together research and education in mobile machinery, hydraulics, control and automation. With industrial partners, IHA develop solutions to address global sustainability challenges. IHA creates new knowledge and expertise that stand the test of time and harsh conditions.

As a research group since 1968, our aim is to achieve carbon neutrality in heavy-duty mobile machinery by 2030. IHA has a total of five professors and six lecturers as part of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. We are renowned for our cutting-edge research activities that encompass innovative research in the field of mobile machinery.

Key funders of IHA research include the Academy of Finland, European Union, Business Finland and industrial partners from Finland and around the world.