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About me

I am Adjunct Professor in fluid power and developer of digital hydraulics. The application areas of my research are working machines and demanding hydraulic servo systems. I have also studied innovative combinations of electric and hydraulic drives in recent years. I do extensive co-operation with companies in order to apply research results in practice.


My main responsibility is to do basic and applied research in co-operation with domestic and international research units and companies. I also teach digital hydraulics and control of hydraulic actuators.

Fields of expertise

My special area of expertise is digital hydraulics and its model-based control. I am leading researcher in this area internationally. I have also extensive experience about modelling, analysis and model-based control of various hydraulic systems.

Top achievements

My research group has generated numerous innovations, which have resulted six patents. The most important applications of the research have been paper machines, trains, forest machines, excavators, mining equipment and remote maintenance system of the ITER fusion reactor. We have achived 25-98 % reduction in energy with significant improvement of performance in these applications. My research group has published about 150 research articles and my h-index is 13.

Mission statement

The research goal is to combine high performance and excellent energy efficiency in applications, which require big force or power from actuators. The goal is to create new or combine existing actuation methods in innovative way. The goal is also to bring research results to practice together with companies.

Research topics

The main research topics are various working machines, such as excavators and forest machinery. We apply our expertise also to other applications.

Research career

I got my MSc degree in 1995 and PhD degree in 1998 from Tampere University of Technology. After that I have been working as postdoctoral researcher and academy research fellow by Academy of Finland, and senior researcher and researgh group leader in Tampere University of Technology. I have been Adjunct Professor in fluid power since 2009.

Selected publications

Most of my publications can be found or requested from ResearchGate.