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Two ECIU-partners built collaboration in a joint research event

Published on 11.4.2023
Tampere University
TAU and RUG campuses
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology at TAU and Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente organized a joint research day to introduce commonly interesting research and to initiate collaboration. The online event gathered together over 100 researchers.

On April 4th, the two ECIU partners, the Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology at Tampere University organized a joint research day to enhance their partnership in research, education and innovation in the fields of biomedical engineering, health technology and biosciences. The event aimed to foster collaboration and deepen their existing relationship based on initial collaboration areas identified during a visit by a delegation from the TechMed Centre to the MET faculty in October 2022.

During the online event, 30 younger researchers from both institutions (15 from each university) presented their research pitches in five thematic sessions. These included Organ-on-a-chip, eHealth & Data Science, Oncology, Cell Tissue & Biomaterials Engineering, and Biomedical Sensors & Systems. For example, in the inspiring and diverse session on eHealth & Data Science moderated by Dr Monique Tabak from the University of Twente and Prof. Mark van Gils from MET, researchers gave a presentation about ‘tracking neurodegeneration in the elderly’, ‘developing decision support systems for the elderly or for personalized interventions’, ‘predicting the development of aneurysms’ and ‘eHealth support for people with a CVA’.

Over 100 researchers participated in the joint research day, which provided an opportunity to initiate new collaborative projects. Prof. Pasi Kallio, the organizer from the Tampere University, was delighted with the popularity and the high quality of the event. He encourages all MET participants to use the cooperation vouchers to build new and to strengthen existing collaboration. The TAU-UT collaboration vouchers worth €5,000 each are targeted to the participants of the joint event with the aim to support visits and short stays of research group members at the other university and to perform initial joint research experiments leading to a joint publication or grant application. More information about the research sessions, pitches and vouchers can be found on the event website