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Teemu Ojanen: Quantum Future

Published on 14.6.2022
Tampere University
Teemu Ojanen is Professor of Computational Physics in the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. His area of expertise is quantum matter research, focusing on materials in which the curiosities of quantum physics manifest themselves as unusual material properties.

“Quantum physics is essential to understanding how nature and the universe around us work, how modern technology works, and how to solve the problems that humanity will face in the future. All information is essentially physical, and physics actually describes how nature processes physical information.”

According to Ojanen, quantum physics describes the properties of elementary particles and atoms, as well as the properties of the larger entities they form, such as solids. The quantum computers under development are the holy grail of technology, with huge expectations for the coming years and decades. 

“Quantum computing aims to identify important problems whose solution can be obtained by examining the behaviour of a quantum system simulated by a quantum computer. In principle, this can solve problems that are beyond the capabilities of conventional computers.“

Ojanen says that physicists from quantum matter researchers to string theorists have begun to speak the language of quantum information. The same features that are central to the operation of quantum computers are the key to a deep understanding of nature.

“Theoretical ideas from high-energy physics and quantum computing provide new insights into quantum matter research and vice versa. Quantum matter research will enable quantum technologies with the potential to solve global sustainability problems and revolutionise the information society.”

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