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Tampere University community is involved in national and regional networks to support Ukraine

Published on 3.3.2022
Tampere University
Lyhtyjä puun oksalla auringon valossa.
Tampere University is involved in national and regional cooperation networks to help and support Ukraine and to support its own students and staff.

At the national level, Tampere University is involved in co-operation led by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Ministry and higher education institutions regularly share information on the current situation and make the necessary joint decisions.

At the regional level, the university is part of the cooperation network coordinated by the City of Tampere. This co-operation provides an up-to-date picture of the situation and information on the activities of the authorities and other parties involved, for example, in preparing for the reception of refugees.

Our broad and multidisciplinary community is full of willingness and potential to help. Through the university community’s networks, we aim to provide information and awareness of the channels and ways in which help can be delivered in the most effective way. In addition, Tampere University is currently exploring how it will participate in international university cooperation in support of Ukrainians.

It is also very important to support the mental resilience of our own community. Support and help are available from occupational health services and many organisations. Members of our multicultural working and learning community also have varying needs for help and support in practical matters, and these are addressed by our own activities or by advising where help is available.

Tampere University’s special response team is monitoring the situation. Information on its meetings and decisions is published on the intranet as are other current issues related to the situation and their implications. The special response team is chaired by the President.