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Tampere University and KONE export Finnish API Economy education to China and Germany

Published on 24.11.2020
Tampere University
Introduction to API Economy -opintojakso, kuvituskuva.
APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become an inseparable part of modern business models. APIs allow a dynamic and efficient exchange of information between various digital systems. They can be used to improve user experience throughout the customer journey. Up until now, university-level education on API Economy has not been available. Tampere University and KONE have collaborated with Osaango to offer a free Open University course called Introduction to API Economy. The course is now also available in Chinese and German.

“The course provides a concise and easily approachable introduction to the world of API Economy. Tampere University maintains active collaboration with professionals from different industries to equip its students with the latest and most relevant knowledge available,” says Professor Marko Seppänen who leads the web-based Master’s Degree Programme in Management and Information Technology, at Tampere University.  

The course Introduction to API Economy is included in the curriculum of the Finnish Institute of Technology (FITech) established by a network of partner universities. This is the first time that the range of languages expands beyond English and Swedish. The course has been a part of Tampere University’s Open University course selection since 2019, but now KONE has made it possible to also offer this course in Chinese and German.  

KONE provides innovative and eco-efficient solutions for elevators, escalators, automatic building doors and the systems that integrate them into today’s intelligent buildings. At KONE, APIs are an essential part of helping customers navigate in an ever changing, digitally connected environment. 

“Utilising APIs, we can move beyond our core offering and provide holistic smart building solutions for our customers. Together with our customers, we can build entirely new solutions, link different digital platforms together, and create new experiences for equipment end-users,” says Olli Kilpeläinen, KONE’s Global Head of Ecosystem Program. 

Creating the course was a collaborative effort between Osaango and Tampere University. Osaango provides consulting, product management and training services to leverage the power of APIs in the context of the fast-moving AI and Platform Economy. 

Introduction to API Economy Course website  


Professor, Vice Dean for Education at Tampere University Marko Seppänen, marko.seppanen [at] tuni.fitarget="_self", +358 40 588 4080 

M.Ed., Founding partner at Osaango Marjukka Niinioja, marjukka.niinioja [at], +358 40 838 7308 

Head of Ecosystem Program at KONE Corporation, Olli Kilpeläinen, olli.kilpelainen [at] kone.comtarget="_self", +358 50 480 1146

Photo: Unsplash