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TAMK Music to remodelled facilities at the main campus

Published on 17.6.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
TAMK Musiikin konserttisali Satamakadulla TAMK Music's historical and renovated concert hall at Satamakatu. Photo: Jaakko Saarilampi
Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ music education will have temporary, healthy facilities at TAMK main campus from the beginning of the autumn semester. Permanent facility solutions will be made in the following years.

The temporary facilities were remodelled for the special requirements of music education. Along with the facility change, a considerable proportion of the used instruments will also be renewed.

“For the past years, the degree programmes in music have worked in several locations. In addition to the rented Tampere Conservatoire facilities, TAMK has used additional facilities in other locations and transferred operation from the conservatoire to TAMK’s main campus due to indoor air problems,” tells Manager Timo Salo.

Relocation to the main campus gathers the music education together and offers students and staff the infrastructure, services and experience of a large higher education campus. Transfer to the main campus also supports development of multidisciplinary cooperation in the Tampere Universities community.

“The preconditions for our research, development and innovation will also improve when working at the main campus,” says Director Kai Salonen from TAMK’s School of Media, Music and Art.

At TAMK it is possible to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree in music pedagogy and a bachelor’s degree in music theatre. The latter is the only Finnish degree programme which educates music theatre professionals.

The piano pedagogical laboratory and Duunari practice theatre on Hämeenpuisto 28 remain in use for now.

Productions to new stages

Concerts and performances will mainly take place in a concert hall located in the inner yard of the former Pyynikki hosiery factory on Satamakatu. Concerts will be organised weekly in the recently renovated, impressive concert hall.

Satamakadun valoisaan konserttisaliin mahtuu noin 100 henkilöä.

“The 100-person concert hall serves our operation as a practice hall for the symphony orchestra and choirs, practice and performance room for smaller assemblies, instrument room and multi-purpose teaching room. Our new student concert series beginning in the autumn will also have its stage there,” says Timo Salo.

Stages for larger productions are being negotiated.

Music Academy cooperation continues with the conservatoire

TAMK Music and Tampere Conservatoire renewed their cooperation agreement related to Tampere Music Academy at the beginning of 2020. The diverse cooperation with Tampere Conservatoire will continue despite the facility changes.

According to Timo Salo, the cooperation forms include for example joint use of TAMK and conservatoire teachers’ work contribution and special expertise, production and concert cooperation and tripartite working life cooperation. Joint use of facilities and equipment also offers synergy possibilities.

“The cooperation is not bound to a place. TAMK is committed to the Music Academy cooperation with the conservatoire. We have plenty of cooperation with working life and education operators as well as the Tampere Universities community.”

Permanent facility solutions are outlined

In the years to come, long-term facility solutions will be planned in cooperation with the Tampere Universities community, City of Tampere and other regional performing arts operators. 

In 2019, a working group consisting of representatives of the City of Tampere and performing arts operators raised establishment of an art campus in Tampere as a key recommendation in its final report.

Thereafter an account was made on relocation of Pirkanmaa Music Institute, Tampere Conservatoire, TAMK Music, Tampere University’s Degree Programme in Theatre Arts and Hatanpää General Upper Secondary School in Tampere. The working group led by Martti Silvennoinen submitted its report and recommendation to the management of the above-mentioned institutions and the City of Tampere.


Further information
Manager Timo Salo
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Photos on the concert hall
Photos: Jaakko Saarilampi