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TAMK had a successful year in 2018

Published on 18.4.2019
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
TAMK annual review 2018 image for website
The financial statements of Tampere University of Applied Sciences reveal good results.

Based on several indicators, TAMK had a successful year in 2018. Degree education broke a new record as students completed more than 2,000 bachelor’s and master’s degrees. TAMK’s RDI project portfolio exceeded a record-breaking €16 million. The education export objectives were achieved and new long-term openings were made for example in Egypt.

“At this rate we will reach our strategic target of the paid services exceeding 20 per cent of TAMK’s revenue in 2020,” says President Markku Lahtinen.

“In 2018 our revenue decreased by about a million euros due to state funding cuts of €2.8 million. Nevertheless, we managed to increase our RDI and paid education and make a profit of about €1.1 million.”

TAMK’s first fund-raising campaign had a positive response with almost hundred companies, communities and private persons participating in it. Together with the state’s match-funding and state funding for RDI profiling, the result will enable significant development projects, such as new learning and RDI environments.

“These development actions we will plan and carry out together with Tampere University. Building of the Tampere Universities community got off to a good start last year. Cooperation between the university and TAMK will continue and intensify – for the benefit of Tampere region and Finland. Popularity of Tampere as a higher education centre continues to increase.”

One of the latest good results was achieved in joint application of spring 2019. TAMK’s popularity stayed at a good level; TAMK had the second most applicants among Finnish universities of applied sciences and 4.4 primary applicants per study place. According to a new image survey TAMK is also the most interesting university of applied sciences among young people, as in previous years.

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