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Reaching for dreams at Finlayson roof café

Published on 24.6.2020
Tampere University of Applied Sciences
Säde Konttinen ja Iida Koskinen
Café Katto is an experience due to its view over the city of Tampere alone. There are several roof restaurants in Finland but an equivalent concept has not been seen before. By the way, the name 'Katto' means roof.

“Suitable entrepreneurs were searched for the café and our six-member team was chosen based on our presentation,” recall Säde Konttinen and Iida Koskinen, who work as entrepreneurs in the newly opened roof café.

Both of them are studying entrepreneurship and team leadership for the second year in the same Evision team at Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Proakatemia.

Supporting local in practice

The idea of establishing a roof café originated from the Finlayson area concept. Planning started in November 2019.

“The concept is unique because we cooperate closely with local entrepreneurs,” Koskinen tells.

An entrepreneurial team Amazing City organises roof walks in the old fabric area in connection with the 200th anniversary of the Finlayson area. There are also a garden and kitchen garden on the roof. The kitchen garden produces herbs and lettuce for the café. A local entrepreneur, Omatarhuri, is in charge of the garden. In addition to several entrepreneurs and cooperation networks, the Proakatemia students are also helped by hard-working bees from the local Korpikuusikko bee farm. They produce honey for the café. One of the beehives can be seen behind the roof café’s glass wall.

“We aim at supporting the local, in other words using local SMEs. The idea is that we all can shine with our expertise,” Koskinen says.

Kasviviljelmiä katolla
There roof garden is not only nice to the eye but also produces herbs and lettuce for the café.

Old sauna became a café

The practical implementation of the wild idea started in early 2020. Koskinen tells that the café was built in old sauna facilities.

“In the first phase, we planned the alteration work which transformed this place into a café,” Koskinen says.

“The cafe wallpaper was designed by Klaus Haapaniemi. It was the starting point for the wall colours. We planned them together with Architect Petri Pussinen,” Koskinen tells.

You have to experience it for yourself

Konttinen promises that the café offers experiences and high-quality customer service. The kitchen is also of good quality. She tells that building of Tampere started from right there, Finlayson, and thus the place is the origin of everything.

“We have a great and interesting concept but it has to be seen and experienced on the spot. It defies description,” Koskinen encourages.

“This is an educational and interesting experience for us. We are grateful for the experience of being able to participate in this from the beginning,” Koskinen and Konttinen praise.

In the summer they are behind the counter but in the future they would like to employ others, too.

“All our team members have diverse working experience in cafés and restaurants," Konttinen says and adds that what they all have in common is passion, courage and trust.”


Further information: Cafe Katto


Text: Arja Lundan

Photos: Saara Lehtonen