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Nokia donates €200,000 to Tampere University

Published on 22.6.2022
Tampere University
Tutkijoita neuvottelupöydän ja suuren näytön äärellä.
Key research areas for Nokia’s business include 5G and 6G, edge computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum technologies. In addition to researchers, students bring their expertise to the company as trainees and after graduation they may work, for example, in demanding research and development roles.
Nokia’s donation supports the development of technological know-how and research in Finland.

Nokia’s and Tampere University’s decades-long co-operation spans from the milestones of mobile phone development to the current 5G-Advanced and 6G mobile cellular systems. The co-operation includes both scientific basic research and innovations related to industrial competitiveness. In recent years, collaboration has also focused on system circuits. The SoC Hub project coordinated by Tampere University and Nokia is at the forefront of developing the system on a chip design industry in Europe.

“Nokia’s longer than 157-year history in Finland is based on innovation, ability to regenerate, and long-term research and product development. We will stay ahead of the competition as a country at the forefront of technology innovations only by investing in research and education,” says Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks and Nokia Finland.

“With this donation, we want to highlight the importance of Finnish research and education and ensure that Finland will continue to have world-class innovation and expertise in the future,” Uitto continues.

“Internationally leading technology research and the broad range of education in engineering are strengths at the multidisciplinary Tampere University. Our long-term cooperation with Nokia has created an exceptionally good environment for research-based innovation and technology development. Nokia’s significant donation to our university supports our long-term research and education mission,” says Mari Walls, President of Tampere University.

Nokia’s donation is part of the campaign funded by the Finnish government to match the donations raised by universities. In addition to Tampere University, Aalto University and the Universities of Oulu and Helsinki also received donations from Nokia.


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