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Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK donates €320,000 to Tampere University

Published on 8.4.2022
Tampere University
Ryhmä ihmisiä seisoo kokoustilassa ja hymyilee kameralle.
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK joined Tampere University’s support team.
Tampere University has received a generous donation of €320,000 from Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland TEK, one of the largest professional organisations in Finland. TEK is affiliated with Akava, the Confederation of Unions for Professional and Managerial Staff in Finland. Both TEK and Akava have a mission to address the greatest challenges facing humanity.

“Our shared goal is to build a more sustainable world. To achieve this, we need the new knowledge and expertise generated by Tampere University, says Juhani Nokela, director of public affairs at TEK.
Nokela finds that TEK, its members and universities have a similar outlook on the world.

“Critical thinking and a solution-oriented approach are essential if we are to respond to climate change, pandemics and the challenges that authoritarian regimes pose for democracy.”

Technological expertise and multidisciplinary research deliver impact for society

TEK is a professional organisation for people who have graduated with an academic degree in technology, architecture or natural sciences. Almost one fourth of TEK’s approximately 77,000 members are students working towards an academic degree in technology or mathematics and natural sciences.  

“Tampere University is one of the leading universities in Finland for engineering education and research.  Close ties with the business world and industrial collaboration are also among the University’s strengths. Besides, we greatly appreciate Tampere University’s commitment to multidisciplinary research and its broad range of interactions with the wider world,” Nokela says.

Students need time and support

With the donation, TEK wants to thank Tampere University for educating the next generation of professionals who will go on to become future game-changers in Finland and beyond. The world has faced unexpected crises that have also hit students hard.

“We hope universities take a leading role in supporting young people. It is important not to put too much pressure on students right from the beginning of their studies. We need to give them time to grow, learn and find their calling.”

TEK wanted to make a donation now that the Finnish government’s matched funding campaign is still underway. Under the matched funding scheme, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra will award a total of €100 million to be added to the capital of Finnish universities. The amount of matched funding will depend on the donations that each university receives by the end of June 2022. This means that for every €1 donated, Tampere University could receive up to €3.5.

“At TEK, we firmly believe that building expertise is the only way forward in our changing world. We hope our message also reaches others who are in a position to support universities before the matched funding campaign ends,” Nokela says.

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