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Matched funding scheme

On 15 June 2020, a fundraising campaign was launched where every €1 donated to Tampere University may yield €2.50 through matched funding from the Finnish government. The campaign continues until 30 June 2022.

Matched funding

To encourage donations to Finnish universities, the government has pledged to match private donations received by universities at a 2.5 ratio. The total amount of funding available under the matched funding scheme is €67 million. The amount of matched funding granted to a single university will depend on the private donations it raises but cannot exceed €11 million.

If universities are unable to raise a total of €26.8 million in donations that fall within the scope of the matched funding scheme, or if some of the available funding remains unallocated because the maximum amount of matched funding that may be granted to a university would otherwise be exceeded, the remaining sum will be divided among universities based on criteria measuring the impact of their research.

Allocation of donations

To fall within the scope of the Finnish government’s matched funding scheme, donations must be made to support the activities of Tampere University in general. If a donation eligible for matched funding is €10,000 or more, it can be allocated to support a specific field of education in the deed of donation.

The fields of education at Tampere University are:

  • arts, theatre
  • business studies
  • education and teacher training
  • engineering
  • health sciences
  • humanities
  • medicine
  • natural sciences
  • psychology
  • social sciences

Scope of the matched funding scheme

A donation is eligible for matched funding provided that:

  • The donation was made to support the University’s operations generally without any restrictions on its use;
  • However, a single donation of €10,000 or more may be earmarked for a specific field of education in the deed of donation;
  • The donor is a person, company or organisation operating in the private sphere;
  • The donation is an unrestricted gift of cash. Bequests are not eligible for matched funding.

The Finnish government decides whether a donation falls within the scope of the matched funding scheme.

The following types of donations fall outside the Finnish government’s matched funding scheme:

  • Donations received from companies, funds and foundations (such as support foundations) that are affiliated with Tampere University.
  • Donations received from government-owned special assignment companies.
    • However, donations received from government-owned commercial companies fall within the scope of the matched funding scheme.
  • Donations received from communities and foundations that have been established to support individual universities.
  • Donations received from Finnish municipalities or companies and public utilities that are either directly or indirectly owned by municipalities.
  • Donations received from public organisations that receive the majority of their funding from the government (such as universities of applied sciences) or have the right to levy taxes (such as congregations).
  • However, donations received from student unions, student associations, companies owned by student unions or student associations, and non-publicly funded chambers of commerce fall within the scope of the matched funding scheme.

Use of matched funding

Matched funding received from the government will go towards the basic capital of Tampere University Foundation. Tampere University decides on the use of revenue generated by the capital in accordance with its fundraising policy. Donations received during the matched funding campaign will be transferred to the University's reserves and used to support research and education as set out in the fundraising policy.

Publicity of donations

All information about the donation (the donor, the sum and how it is allocated) is public under the Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999). Information about donors will be added to our customer and stakeholder records. In the autumn of 2022, Tampere University will provide the Ministry of Education and Culture with information about donations that fall within the scope of the matched funding scheme.

Donors can choose to prohibit their name, the amount donated and the intended purpose of their donation from being disclosed in the University’s communications.