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President Mari Walls: Let’s build a sustainable world together!

Published on 17.5.2022
Tampere University
Mari Walls ECIU
Tampere University is one of the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. Research and education in the fields of technology, health and society come together in a unique way at our university.

“Our scientific community has a large role and responsibility for solving the greatest challenges of humanity. Co-operation extending beyond the boundaries of scientific disciplines offers the best tools for tackling those challenges,” says President Mari Walls.

Tampere University is also a highly desired place to study.

“Nearly all internationally recognised fields of education are represented at our university. In the joint application rounds organised in recent years, our university has been one of the most popular universities in Finland. Furthermore, over 4,000 experts graduate from the university and find employment in different sectors of society every year,” Walls adds.

In the recent Times Higher Education Young University 2022 ranking – which assessed 539 universities worldwide – Tampere University was the 34th.  This was the second highest score among Finnish universities and an improvement of a few places from the previous ranking.

Like other universities, Tampere University is raising funds to ensure the continued high quality of education and research. Donations by businesses, associations and individuals are very significant for the University.

“The support from our donors signifies an appreciation of research, science and education. We are very proud and thankful for it,” Walls says.

Now is the best time to donate

The best moment to support the work of our scientific community is now. Each Euro donated to the university by the end of June 2022 may mean as much as €3.5 for the university. This is because the Finnish government will capitalise universities with a 2,5-fold funding to match the private donations universities raise from 2020 to 2022. The capitalisation is based on the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s decision to grant a one-off €100 million sum to universities, which it made in December 2019.

A donation to the University entitles the donor to get tax deductions. A private person may benefit from a tax deduction when the donated sum amounts to €850–€500.000. Corporations get the tax benefit when they donate a sum between €850 and €250.000. If a particular field is close to the donor’s heart, a donation may be earmarked for it when the donated sum is at least €10.000.

President Walls invites all friends of education, research, and scientific knowledge to participate in the final sprint of fund-raising.

“As a donor, you become a member of our support team and your donation to new information and know-how is invaluable. Help us to make the future sustainable – together!” Walls encourages.

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