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New e-resources: Oxford Medicine Online and Taylor & Francis EBA collections

Published on 25.11.2020
Tampere Universities
Oxford Medicine Online
Oxford Medicine Online and a collection of Taylor & Francis e-books are made available by using Evidence Based Acquisition (EBA). The resources are in use until November 2021, after which we will select resources from the collection to permanent use. In the selection we utilize customer feedback and usage statistics.


Oxford Medicine Online combines Oxford University Press’s medical resources in one platform. You can access over 1 000 e-books, 2 000 videos and various types of educational materials. The e-books can be used via the platform or Andor database. Oxford Medicine Online contains e.g. Oxford Textbook of Medicine, ESC CardioMed encyclopedia and Anaesthesiology from Oxford Medicine collection. 

Taylor & Francis EBA collection contains almost 5 000 Taylor & Francis’s, Routledge’s ja CRC Press’s e-books. The books are published in 2018–2020 and cover almost all research fields in Tampere Universities. You can find the books in Andor and Taylor & Francis eBooks database.  

Both collections are available in Tampere Universities and Tampere University Hospital. 

More information: Acquisition’s Team hankinta.kirjasto [at] tuni.firel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"