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New corona case involves exposure at the Pinni B building on the city centre campus, exposed individuals are being contacted, premises can be used as normal (updated on 13 March)

Published on 12.3.2020
Tampere Universities
Illustration photo from Hervanta campus.
On 12 March, Pirkanmaa Hospital District has published information on new coronavirus infection cases in the Tampere Region. One of these new cases involves exposure at Tampere University. This case is not linked to the previous cases which were published on 8 March.

Updated on 13 March:

According to our current knowledge, Pirkanmaa Hospital District will contact the people who have been exposed to the coronavirus. People who aren't contacted don't have to be concerned. The public health authorities will publish the latest updates daily at 11.00.

The University does not have information about the exact location and time when people may have been exposed to the coronavirus in the Pinni B building. We are working together with the public authorities to communicate  about the situation.

Pirkanmaa Hospital District (in Finnish):

Updated on 12 March:

The exposure related to the new case has taken place in Pinni B building and a few meetings and training events held at the university. The individuals who have been exposed are being contacted and placed under quarantine.

The university’s premises, including Pinni B, do not pose infection risk and the premises can be used as normal

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