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Library cards and Favourites list in the new TuniLib search service

Published on 15.1.2019
Tampere Universities
If you borrow or reserve printed books from Tampere University Library’s other units than the one you have used previously (UTA, TUT, TAMK), you’ll have to activate your library card to work also in their collections. You can activate the card at the Library’s customer service desk. Remember to take a photo ID with you.

If you have TUNI user account of Tampere Universities, connect your library card to it In our new TuniLib search service.

If you are not a member of Tampere Universities and you have library cards to different Tampere University Library units, connect them to that library card you mainly use and log in with it to TuniLib.

When reserving material or renewing your loans you’ll find your different library cards on the drop-down menu. Each library cards has its own password. Remember to renew the loans on all library cards.

Information about library collections and customer registers are still in three separate systems, even though you can see them in the same place in TuniLib. The situation will change when we introduce the new library system next year.

How to move your Favourites list to TuniLib

Former Tamcat, Tutcat and TAMK Finna will be deactivated during this spring. Move your Favourites list now from the old service to the new TuniLib.

Follow these steps: Log in to the old service, go to your profile and click “Download favourites and saved searches” at the bottom of the page. Then log in to TuniLib and choose “Import favourites and searches from a file”.

TuniLib guide

More information: Heli Vanamo, Online Services Specialist, Heli.Vanamo [at]

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