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Leadership Symposium offers 120 perspectives on knowledge, security, sustainability and culture

Published on 31.8.2021
Tampere University
Kuusi johtajuussymposiumin huippupuhujaaThe top expert guests at the Leadership Symposium include R. Edward Freeman (top left), Teija Tiilikainen, Paul Dendale, Risto Siilasmaa, Cecilia Warrol and Anna-Kaisa Ikonen.
Can excellence in customer experience come at any price? What is the role of customer experience in the management of cities, health services and businesses? This is one of the topics to be discussed at the 10th Tampere Leadership Symposium on Wednesday 8 September. At the event, 120 speakers will address topics related to information and security, sustainable development, and culture.

“A diverse range of current issues,” says Director of Development Harri Talonen, chief organiser of the Leadership Symposium.

The keynote speaker is Professor R. Edward Freeman from the United States who developed the stakeholder theory in the 1980s. Freeman’s collaboration with the University of Tampere, a predecessor of Tampere University, begun in the 1990s. He was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University. His presentation and interview will be heard in the afternoon of the Information and Security thematic channel.

The channel will cover such topics as crisis response and security threats, and the future of the (health and social care) SOTE-RDI-ecosystem in the Tampere region.

Three channels, each with five perspectives into the themes

Each channel of the virtual event will feature five seminars, exploring the theme from different angles.

“There will be many new faces, talented and energetic young professionals. I look forward to their fresh ideas,” says Talonen.

The speakers at the sustainable development seminars include Mayor of Tampere Anna-Kaisa Ikonen, Professor of Marketing Hannu Saarijärvi, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Specialist Jasmin Assulin, Director of Fiskars Riina Grön, Senior Lecturer and Coach Minttu Ripatti, Head of Product Safety and Sustainability Lilli Puntti from Kiilto, Business Development Manager Tero Niemelä from Skanska, and Competitiveness Director Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki from the City of Tampere.

The new cultural channel will cover such topics as virtual events and Tampere as an international city of film. The sports studio will discuss the importance of major sporting events for Finland, sports, communities, and clubs.

Leadership Symposium becomes a Tampere-wide event

Since its inception, the Leadership Symposium has brought together representatives from various fields of research, business, and public administration.

“In ten years, the Leadership Symposium has grown from an event organised by one of the University’s Faculties to an event for the entire Universities community and Tampere,” Harri Talonen says.

The event is organised by Tampere University in cooperation with Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Aamulehti, Business Tampere, Hämeen liikunta ja urheilu, Pellervo, Council of Tampere Region, Pirkanmaa Hospital District, Pirkanmaan Yrittäjät, University Properties of Finland, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry, City of Tampere, and Technopolis.

Aamulehti, too, will stream all the events on its website.

Leadership Symposium website and registration