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A functioning library card is required in the library to borrow material

Published on 24.8.2020
Tampere Universities
When visiting our library units, you need an activated library card with a barcode for borrowing. You can get a library card from our customer service desks during the service hours.

Tampere University Library supports with its services Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences studies, teaching, and research. We are an open academic library for all users.

The library's facilities and customer services have been opened to the members of the university community with access / key cards with limited service periods in early August. We also serve customers outside the community, who allready have our library card by offering a pick-up service point for the loanable material at the Hervanta unit. 

According to the general guidelines of the University community, the facilities are available in accordance with the access rights on weekdays from 8.00 to 16.00.

You can get the library card you need to borrow material from our customer service desks. Be sure to bring an official ID when you come to apply for the card. Due to this exceptional situation, we do not currently issue new library cards to customers outside the University community.

You can find more information about exceptional policies on our always updated Corona website: