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Coronovirus exposure at Tampere University, premises do not pose infection risk – instructions for the university community on the intranet

Published on 8.3.2020
Tampere Universities
On Sunday 8 March, the Pirkanmaa Hospital District has published information on three new coronavirus infection cases in the Tampere Region. Two of these cases, verified on Friday and Saturday, have links to exposure in Tampere University’s premises.

Hospital District press release in Finnish:

Close to 20 persons have been identified to have been exposed to the coronavirus in Tampere University’s premises. They have all been contacted and quarantined. Most of them are students of the Faculty of Built Environment in the Hervanta campus. The university’s premises do not pose infection risk and they can be used in a normal manner.

The safety of our working and studying environments and the health and wellbeing of our community are of primary importance to the university. Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences monitor the coronavirus situation actively and follow the instructions provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the Pirkanmaa Hospital District. A high-level working group has been appointed last week to coordinate measures and to prepare necessary decisions. Thus far, Tampere Universities have, among others, issued guidelines related to travel, enhanced cleaning, improved facilities for washing hands, and published information related to hand washing and coughing. The latest instructions, updated on 5 March, can be found from the intranet frontpage.

The situation understandably causes concern within our community and increases need for information related to preparations and practicalities. Up-to-date guidelines and instructions, links to further information as well contact information to resources that provide help and assistance can be found on the intranet frontpage.