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Changes in the student’s online services – how do I register and find information about courses

Published on 2.8.2019
Tampere Universities
Opiskelijan kysymykset
Along with the new higher education community, the student’s online services are renewed. More services will be introduced in the next couple of years.

The introduction phase and learning how to use the services will require some familiarity with the new ways of acting.  

  • Current and new international degree students will find the necessary information in the degree studies sections of the Student’s Guide
  • New exchange students will also find the necessary information in the exchange studies sections of the Student’s Guide and the TUNI website
  • Registration for courses takes place through NettiOpsu and POP as per usual. 

Here we have gathered a few tips and instructions about the new services and how they should be used. We hope that despite all the changes you are able to start your studies in the autumn semester as smoothly as possible. We have also published FAQ in Student's Guide. 

FAQ: How can I find information about and register for courses in the autumn semester on the city centre and Kauppi campuses? (Student's Guide) 

Registering for the academic year 

Registering for the academic year 2019-2020 has opened in May and will end on 2 September 2019. 

International degree students:  

  • Current international degree students will register through the OILI-service
  • New international degree students will register according to the instructions contained in their info packages. 
  • The time for international degree student registration is 14 – 16 August. 
  • New international degree students will be able to pay their TREY membership fees at the TREY office with a debit/credit card only at 9.00-15.00, 14 – 16 August 
  • More pre-arrival information for degree students 

Exchange students:  

  • The main registration day for exchange students is 19 of August, but registration can also be done earlier or later during the month of August. 
  • New exchange students will register according to the instructions contained in their info packages. 
  • New exchange students will be able to pay their TREY membership fees at the TREY office with a debit/credit card only at 9.00-15.00, 19 – 21 August 

More information about TREY’s membership benefits can be found on TREY's website

Course schedules and registration  

  • Course selection for the city center campus and Kauppi campus have moved to the curriculum section of the Student’s Guide. Further instructions on browsing the course selection can be found at the end of this bulletin. Registration for courses takes place through NettiOpsu as per usual. Student’s Desktop is still in use. 
  • Course schedules and registration for courses organised on the Hervanta campus have not changed and can be found on POP
  • Find more information also about cross-institutional studies

Instructions for students 

Guidelines targeted at students are gathered for the whole university community in the Student’s handbook. More content is continuously added, but during the transition period students can look for information on the old study guides. Please note that the university’s old Study Guide, POP or TAMK Intranet are no longer updated. 

Study related instructions and regulations can be found on the Student’s handbook. They are written in a compact from so that the necessary information is accessible and clear. 

An operative search function is the centre of the handbook. Thus, if you know exactly what you are looking for, the information can be found swiftly and easily with the search function. While browsing you can also use the topics and subject groups found on the left side of the handbook. 

Curriculum and course selection or information about courses and degrees in the Student’s Guide (city center and Kauppi campuses) 

A new feature in Student's Guide: Now you can browse the courses by degree programme as well as the teaching period. We have published instructions on how to find courses by using the period filter on the Student's Guide. NEW: It is also possible to use the “Search for course units” function on Sisu. See how to use the search on the Sisu system.  

The curriculum section includes information about degrees and course schedules. If you cannot find your courses, please check that you are browsing the correct academic year from the academic year selector found above the menu at the left. You can also use the word search. 

From the degree educations section you can find whole study paths concerning either bachelor’s and master’s degrees or only a master’s degree. You may thus see for example to which master’s degrees it is possible to gravitate to with a particular bachelor’s degree. 

All of the University’s degree programmes are listed in the degree programmes section. Degree programmes executed in the academic year of 2019-2020 can be found in their entirety with structures and additional information in this section. Degree programmes in the previous academic years will become visible with a delay. Please take this into consideration when searching for structures in a degree programme that might be merged or extinct in the upcoming academic year. 

The study modules section contains for example the basic and advanced studies of the degree programmes and different thematic modules offered by different faculties. The elective studies-filter is of use when you are looking for optional studies. Here you can also search for courses offered by the Open University. 

In the course units section you can find descriptions and completion options for each course. You can browse the courses with the assistance of different filters such as the degree programme. The periods for each completion option can be found in the grey box on the right-hand side and via the completion options tab you, can view teaching schedules. The teaching period -filter will be available in the search in the autumn of 2019. 

If you want to browse course information by faculty on the city centre campus, you may also use the course enrolment on NettiOpsu where you will find links to teaching information on each course.  

Curricula and teaching schedules i.e. information on degrees and courses on the Hervanta campus 

Information on the curricula and teaching schedules on Hervanta campus is available on POP as before. 

Students on the Hervanta campus can also search the Student’s Guide for teaching schedules according to the instructions above, but it is easier to find the information on POP. Without sign-on, you can view the teaching schedules here


Degree student, you will find instructions on cross-institutional study options and registering in them in the University’s handbook and TAMK’s students’ handbook. 

Welcome Week 

New international student’s welcome week starts on 19 of August and its schedule for degree students and exchange students can be found in the Student’s handbook. 

We students – Fresher’s Guide is also a guidebook for new students produced by TREY every year. The guidebook is given out during the Welcome Week. 


We apologise for the inconvenience caused by the transition phase. Please remember that the services are continuously developed during the upcoming academic year. You can also give feedback about the services. 


Additional information and feedback: 

If you have any questions or general feedback, please contact the Student Affairs Office.

opintotietojarjestelmat.tau [at] (Feedback about the information systems).