FAQ city centre and Kauppi campuses

How can I find information about and register for courses in the autumn semester on the city centre and Kauppi campuses?

I cannot find the teaching schedule in my course unit. What should I do?

  • Check the curriculum for 2019–2020 that you are searching for the study module with its correct name.
  • If you still cannot find the teaching information, contact the study coordinator of your degree programme or send a message to study services at the faculty (eg xxx.studies.tau@tuni.fi)
Faculty of Built Environment (BEN) ben.studies.tau@tuni.fi
Faculty of Education and Culture (EDU) edu.studies.tau@tuni.fi
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS) ens.studies.tau@tuni.fi
Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) itc.studies.tau@tuni.fi
Faculty of Management and Business (MAB) mab.studies.tau@tuni.fi
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology (MET) met.studies.tau@tuni.fi
Faculty of Social Sciences (SOC) soc.studies.tau@tuni.fi


How do I register for the courses?


A link to the longer piece of news: https://intra.tuni.fi/en/content/news/6822