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How to find available courses by using the period filter


Curricula and teaching schedules are published as part of the Student’s Guide at the following address. .

When you want to find information on the available courses taught in the current academic year, choose first “Course units” from the filter section on the left hand side. After this, you can use the period filter to target the search to course units, which have teaching in the selected period. You can also use the keyword field and other filters on the filter section to narrow your search, e.g. selecting your degree programme.

In the next example, a student has selected the course units filter, the first period and the Bachelor’s Programme in Philosophy without using the keyword field. The results show all the course units in the programme that have teaching in the first period.

Searching by course unit filters at Sisu


You can see the details of a course unit by clicking the title link of the search result. On the right hand side of the course unit page, you can see a summary of information on completion options and teaching in the current academic year.

In the following example, the course unit has several completion options. The first completion option consists of two different lecture courses. The first lecture course is organised in the first and second period and the second course in the third period.

Course unit which has several completion options

When you click the link, you will see the information tab of completion option 1. In this example, the completion option includes two parts that require participation in teaching. Such parts can also be modes of independent study, such as book exams, essays etc. You can see the details by clicking the “+” button.

Information tab of the completion option

Information on teaching times and lecture rooms can be found in the details of “Scheduled teaching”. You can also open the teaching information on a separate page.

Details of scheduled teaching