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Cabells service now available for scientific journal evaluation

Published on 29.9.2020
Tampere Universities
Syksyn lehdet_Saara Lehtonen
The Tampere University Library has acquired the Cabells service for the use of the university community. The Cabells service supports the evaluation of scientific journals. The service includes a Journalytics section (formerly Journal Whitelist) and a Predatory Reports section (formerly Journal Blacklist).

The library now provides access to Cabells service for evaluating scientific journals.

The service consists of two modules: Journalytics (previously Journal Whitelist) and Predatory Reports (previously Journal Blacklist).

The Journalytics module contains essential information on over 11 000 journals. You can search for journals in your own field and filter the results by relevant criteria. Many important funders require you to provide open access to your research publications. You can use the database to find journals in your own field that meet the relevant open access criteria. It is especially important to be able to separate responsible open access journals from so called predatory journals, the main motivation for which is to collect article processing charges from authors.

The Predatory Journals module provides information on predatory journals, whose scientific value and publication processes are questionable.

You can find Cabells in the database list and in Andor. For remote access, use your tuni id or Tays remote access id.

For more information, please contact: oa [at]