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Be prepared for breaks in e-resources at the turn of the year

Published on 14.12.2018
Tampere Universities
The new Tampere University Library has acquired multidisciplinary e-resources for the use of the whole Tampere higher education community from January 2019. However, be prepared for possible problems with using e-resources at the beginning of the year before all the database vendors get the access ready for the customers of the new university library.

There may be problems especially with using the e-resources of Wiley and Taylor & Francis.

The transition phase is likely to cause breaks in e-resources already at the turn of the year. Also the changes in Tampere Universities’ systems and IT services will cause breaks. That’s why we recommend that you save links to those e-resources that are most important for you or save them in pdf format.

If you encounter problems with the use of e-resources, please contact the Library. The e-mail addresses

The Library apologizes for the possible problems with using e-resources.

More information:
Kaisa Rissanen, Project Manager, kaisa.rissanen [at]