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Microsoft 365 cloud services for education

Tampere University and TAMK

You can use Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) tools in teaching and learning in many ways. You can use individual applications to support teaching and learning, or create a TUNI Groups area for student groups, where you can pick a selection of different tools for group work.

M365 tools

You can access all M365 online activities and tools at Log in with your TUNI account.

Tools suitable for teaching and learning include Forms (survey tool), Sway (presentation creation), OneNote and Class notebook (notebook app), Planner (project management) and Stream (video sharing). You can also find onlinw versions of office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) from the menu, which enable co-writing of documents. These versatile tools are available for both staff and students.

From the digital tools for teaching - onion model, you can also find all M365 tools organized by purpose, as well as instructions for each tool. There are also links to Digital toolkit tips for each tool.

TUNI Groups - group work areas in Teams

In addition to using individual tools, you can set up a Tuni Groups group. It allows you to pick individual M365 tools for the group and create learning environment for the course. TUNI Groups groups are available in different types: Basic (also created by students), Organization (for permanent use) and Education (tools suitable for teaching, such as assignment tool)

Read more about TUNI Groups groups

All the M365 tips in Digital Toolkit

Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 21.9.2023