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Digital tools for teaching

Tampere University and TAMK

The key digital tools for teaching are grouped in a model, which illustrates the range of tools available and their role at Tampere Universities. Picture will help you select the tool that meets your needs.

You can find the onion model of Digital Tools for Teaching on the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) website: Digital Tools for Teaching

digital tools support teaching

The website includes an interactive, larger image of the attached model, as well as a description and links to instructions for each tool.


Roadmaps and release notes

TUNI Moodle

  • Release calendar
  • Roadmap
  • We are using long-term support (LTS) version. A new LTS major version is released and deployed typically every two years, which may also bring bigger user interface and feature updates.

M365 in teaching and learning

  • Roadmap and release notes
  • We are using Microsoft 365 for Education version. New features are published and deployed continuously. There are often differences in the release schedules for roadmap developments between the Education and Enterprise/Business versions.


  • Roadmap
  • Release notes
  • We are using the latest EXAM version with a delay of few months. Typically, a new major version is released once or twice a year and deployed during the following semester of the release date.


  • Release notes
  • Minor and sometimes major version updates are released and deployed continuously several times a year.


  • Release notes
  • We are using on-premise version of Zoom maintained by NORDUnet, which affects the availability and release schedule of some features. Minor and sometimes major version updates are released and deployed continuously several times a year. 


  • Release notes
  • Updates are typically released and deployed a few times a year.

Support and instructions

  • IT instructions: The IT Services handbook on the intranet offer you easy access to all our IT instructions.
  • Digital toolkit: The Digital Toolkit is a practical resource that offers you information and advice for using a variety of digital tools for teaching, learning and work-related purposes.
  • Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC): The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) of the Tampere Universities community is a network that brings together pedagogical expertise and the information and services needed by teachers.
  • Learning analytics: Easy ways to use learning analytics with the digital tools available in the Tampere Universities.
  • Support services: Support services for developing teaching available in the Tampere higher education community.
  • IT Services: Remember the many electronic service help channels of the IT Helpdesk.
  • Software catalog: All the available software listed in software catalog.


Published: 18.3.2021
Updated: 26.6.2024