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TUNI Groups Basic and Organization

Tampere University and TAMK

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Ordering a Basic and Organization TUNI Group 

  1. Browse to the TUNI Groups self-service portal: Log in by using your TUNI email address.

  2. Click on the +Request workspace  button 

  3. Select the type of the group: Basic, Organization or Tuni-Yammer

  4.  Give the group a descriptive name (max. 60 characters). Group name has to start with prefix TG- but it will appear automatically. Scans or special characters are not allowed in the name, they are automatically removed from both the group's email address and url. You can change the group name after creation, but you need to make a support request to the %20it-helpdesk [at] (IT helpdesk) to change the email address and url.

  5. If needed, change the address of the group site at the Site address field. Site Address field is also used to create the email address
  6. Provide a short and precise description of the group (max. 255 characters) 

  7. Select the status of the group: Private or Public

  8. Choose if people ouside the community can be allowed to the group

  9. Add the owners of the group. Add at least 2 owners. You can add owners after the group has been created as well 

  10. Add the members of the group. You can add members after the group has been created as well 

  11.  Click the Submit button 

Basic groups will be automatically accepted within 15 minutes of the order. When the group is ready, the members and the owners will receive an automatic email. The Group will be displayed on the TUNI Groups front page where the applications can easily be accessed and to Teams among other groups.

Adding and removing members 

The group owner can manage the members at the application settings. 

Managing members in the Teams application 

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and Teams page 

  2. Click the Settings button on the right side of the Team site name (three dots) 

  3. Select Manage team 

  4. Add and delete the members 

  5. You can also change the members’ roles

Adding members by using Teams Join Code 

The owners can create a Join Code in the Teams Space Settings. People in the higher education community can join the group using the Join Code without the owner’s approval.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and Teams page 

  2. Click the Settings button on the right side of the Team site name (three dots) 

  3. Select Manage team 

  4. Select Settings and open Team code 

  5. Click Generate button and copy the code 

  6. Give the code and address ( to the people you wish to join your Group. Join page can also be found in the Microsoft Teams software by clicking Join or create a team link 

N.B! Anyone in the higher education community can join the group using the Join Code! Delete the code after the people you invited have joined the group. You can remove the code on the page where the code was created.

Managing the members in Outlook email browser view 

  1. Open Outlook in the browser view 

  2. Log in to the group by using your TUNI email address and password 

  3. Open the Group menu and select the group 

  4. Add members according to Microsoft instructions 

  5. In the browser, the owner can create a member link. Link doesn’t work for people outside of the Tampere university community. By clicking the link, the users can request for a group membership. If the group is private, the owner must accept the requests 

N.B! It may take a few hours before the new members and owners or a changed member type are displayed in the applications. 

Automatic management of members in organisation-type TUNI Groups

In organisation-type groups, memberships can be formed and maintained automatically if the group members consist of people from a specific unit, profit centre, or faculty. In this case, new or removed people are automatically updated in the group. No individual members or external visitors other than from the selected unit, profit centre, or faculty can be added to the group. In those cases, the group owners must maintain group membership information.

If you want the members of the TUNI Groups you have subscribed to automatically updated, please contact the IT Helpdesk. In the request, state the name of the TUNI Groups and the unit/profit centre/faculty information whose members are to be included in the group.


IT Helpdesk
0294 520 500
it-helpdesk [at]

Published: 7.5.2019
Updated: 4.8.2022