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Eija Vinnari

Professor, Public financial management

Fields of expertise

Accounting, financial management, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, public sector, critical research, interpretive research, animals

Selected publications

Most important publications:

Apostol, O., Mäkelä, H. & Vinnari, E. (forthcoming). Cultural sustainability and the construction of (in)commensurability: cultural heritage at the Roşia Montană mining site. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. 

Lukka, K., Modell, S. and Vinnari, E. 2022. Exploring the “theory is king” thesis in accounting research: the case of actor-network theory. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 35(9), 136-167.

Vinnari, E. & Vinnari, M. (2022). Making the invisibles visible: including animals in sustainability (and) accounting. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 82, 102324.

Vinnari, E., Baxter, J. & Chua, W.F. (2022). Accounting, accountability and animals. Editorial. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 84, paper 102412.

Vinnari, E. (2021). Animals, activists and accounting: On confronting an intellectual dead end. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 41(3), 194-200.

Silvola, H. & Vinnari, E. (2021). The limits of institutional work: a field study on auditors’ efforts to promote sustainability assurance in a trust society. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 34(1), 1-30. 

Peda, P. & Vinnari, E. (2020). The discursive legitimation of profit in public-private service delivery. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 69.

Dillard, J. & Vinnari, E. (2019). Critical dialogic accountability: From accounting-based accountability to accountability-based accounting. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 62, 16-38.

Vinnari, E. & Dillard, J. (2016). (ANT)agonistics: Pluralistic politicization of, and by, accounting and its technologies. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 39, 25-44.

Lukka, K. & Vinnari, E. (2014). Domain theory and method theory in management accounting research. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 27(8), 1308-1338. 

Vinnari, E. & Skaerbaek, P. (2014). The uncertainties of risk management - A field study on risk management internal audit practices in a Finnish municipality. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 27(3), 489-526.

Vinnari, M. & Vinnari, E. (2014). A framework for sustainability transition: The case of plant-based diets. Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics, 27, 369–396.