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Tenure track career path

Tampere University has an attractive and inspiring tenure track model that provides appointees with a clear and predictable career path towards a full Professorship. We are committed to our tenure track staff, supporting them in advancing in their career paths. We will support in and follow up the achievement of the mutually agreed goals during their whole career paths.

Our tenure track model consists of three levels: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor. When a tenure track position is opened for application, it can be opened on one or several levels. 

Appointments to the entry-level post of Assistant Professor are made for a term of five years. When an Assistant Professor is promoted to the position of Associate Professor, the appointment is made on a permanent basis. The Associate Professor post on the second level is for five years when the person is recruited to that level directly. Appointments to the third level of Professor are made on a permanent basis.

Tenure track career path for researchers

Tenure track positions are openly and internationally advertised. When considering candidates for a tenure track position, the candidate who has demonstrated the best potential to attain full Professor status on a high international level or who is an internationallyrecognised researcher in his or her field, is appointed to the tenure track position.

We will set personal goals with those chosen to the career path. The achievement of the goals will be monitored on a regular basis during the tenure track term. Advancement on the tenure track is based on an overall assessment of the person’s progress.

We are committed to the individuals recruited to tenure track posts and provide them the opportunity to advance to the permanent position of a Professor. Clear goals for each tenure track level will be agreed in writing agreement between the researcher appointed to the tenure track position, supervisor, and the Dean.The supervisor and the Dean will support and monitor the achievement of the goals throughout the tenure track. In addition, we will provide training, coaching and other support for the development of teaching, instructional and supervisory skills and other competencies.

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Open positions at Tampere University

See our open positions and apply for them.

Newly recruited

Our tenure track positions are openly and internationally advertised. Meet people that have been recruited recently to our tenure track positions.

Research projects and groups

At Tampere University, research is conducted in the units of our Faculties as well as in numerous research groups and projects. Familiarize yourself with our Faculties, units, research groups and projects below.

Faculties and unitsMore on research groups and projects

Research excellence

At the new university, research on technology, health and society come together in a unique way. We are proud of, for example, researchers and research groups, who have received funding from the Academy of Finland or the European Research Council.

We support the growth of your pedagogical expertise

The Teaching and Learning Centre of the Tampere Universities Community supports the pedagogical competence of lecturers by gathering expertise from Tampere University and TAMK as well as the services that are available to teaching staff in our community.

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