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Donate to Tampere University

Investing in research and education is the best way to ensure that people, society and the planet have a future. Research generates fresh ideas and novel solutions that have a positive impact on society. There are many ways to show your support for the University and our activities. The options for donating are described below.

Why should I donate to the University?

  • We at Tampere University are committed to offering high-quality education based on the latest research and encouraging creative and innovative thinking. Research and education generate new skills, businesses and employment opportunities. Our international graduates open-mindedly combine expertise from different disciplines and can apply the things they have learned in their work. These makers of the future are in high demand.
  • Donations from companies, communities and individuals are becoming increasingly important for ensuring the financial stability of our University. Your donation will help us maintain the high quality of our research and education. Even a small donation can make a big difference.

Where can I donate and how?

  • You can support research, education and new initiatives by donating to an area of your choice.
  • You can donate online or by bank transfer. You can make a one-time donation safely online or become a monthly donor. You can donate as a private individual or on behalf of an organisation.
  • If you want to make a donation of more than €10,000, please contact our Head of Fundraising Elina Suojanen-Laine at elina.suojanen-laine [at] (elina[dot]suojanen-laine[at]tuni[dot]fi) or call +358 50 547 6171.

Make a gift to an area you care about

You can choose where you want your donation to go. Your gift will directly support your chosen field of research, education or activities.

Societal stability via mediation

Mediation is a significant social method for finding a peaceful way out of conflicts. Finland has extensive expertise in different areas of mediation, but there is a great need for a holistic approach to bring different fields together. We are establishing Finland’s first multidisciplinary mediation training module at Tampere University. By donating to mediation training, you are supporting societal stability.

Donate to mediation training as a private individual
Donate to mediation training on behalf of an organisation

Accessibility promotes equality

Accessibility enables the equal participation of people in different sectors of society regardless of their functional ability. The realisation of accessibility in society requires multidisciplinary research and increased research-based education in the field. Tampere University’s multidisciplinary education and research hub on accessibility TACCU has made groundbreaking contributions to the development of accessible education.

Donate to accessibility research and education as a private individual
Donate to accessibility research and education on behalf of an organisation

Equal opportunity to learn

Children’s and young people’s opportunities for learning and success are important both to them and to the future of entire societies. With competence in special education pedagogy, we are enabling the equal learning of all kinds of learners. By donating, you enable the implementation of high-quality research and education in special education pedagogy in Tampere.

Donate to special education pedagogy as a private individual
Donate to special education pedagogy on behalf of an organisation

Well-being by sustainable construction

The built environment has a crucial impact on people’s well-being and safety, the social and economic functioning of society, and climate and nature. We are developing construction solutions that are better for people and the environment. By donating, you directly contribute to building a more sustainable world.

Donate to sustainable construction as a private individual
Donate to sustainable construction on behalf of an organisation

Support biodiversity education

Education in biodiversity increases people’s understanding of biodiversity and the significance of viable nature for prosperous societies and the planet. There is a great need for research and education in the field in Finland and internationally. At Tampere University, we foster the environmental relationship of future generations through research-based education.

Donate to biodiversity education as a private individual
Donate to biodiversity education on behalf of an organisation

Robotics enhances safety

The health and safety of people working in hazardous and strenuous working environments can be significantly improved by robotics. New technologies also reduce the environmental impact of different sectors. There is a shortage of robotics experts, meaning that investing in education is important. By donating, you will enable the significant development of autonomous robotics expertise both locally and globally.

Donate to robotics as a private individual
Donate to robotics on behalf of an organisation

Research on circular economy

Due to climate change and the depletion of natural resources, companies, cities and citizens must adopt circular economy solutions and operating models. The ManCe Research Centre for Circular Economy Management conducts pioneering research on circular economy. Your donation will support the development of more sustainable societies.

Donate to circular economy research as a private individual
Donate to circular economy research on behalf of an organisation

Gamification – a field of the future

We want to find solutions to global challenges – such as climate change, inequality and ageing populations – through gamification. Tampere University has a real opportunity to become a leading international knowledge hub and trendsetter in gamification. By donating, you are helping to utilise gamification in different sectors of society.

Donate to gamification research as a private individual
Donate to gamification research on behalf of an organisation

New treatments for celiac disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune condition that can develop at any age. At present, the only treatment for celiac disease is a completely gluten-free diet. The CeliRes research centre is Finland’s largest hub for research in celiac disease and conducts leading-edge multidisciplinary studies. By donating to celiac research, you are helping to develop diagnostics and treatment options.

Donate to celiac research as a private individual
Donate to celiac research on behalf of an organisation

Enabling healthier childhood

The foundations of lifelong health and well-being are built in the first years of life. The TamCAM research centre conducts multidisciplinary research to support the formation of health-promoting lifestyles already during pregnancy and childhood. By donating, you are supporting research that helps to improve the health of children, young people and mothers globally.

Donate to healthier childhood as a private individual
Donate to healthier childhood on behalf of an organisation

Leveraging research results

Putting scientific research and research results into practice is an important part of the University’s societal impact. We support the commercial and non-commercial utilisation and dissemination of research results and solutions across society. By donating, you help us to translate research findings into practical solutions for people and society.

Donate to leveraging research results as a private individual
Donate to leveraging research results on behalf of an organisation

Children’s science education

Juniversity is a university for children and young people and an expert in research and science education at Tampere University. By donating to Juniversity, you are helping to provide equal opportunities to children and young people to get excited about research and science and find their own study paths.

Donate to Juniversity as a private individual
Donate to Juniversity on behalf of an organisation

Other ways to support research and education

Shape the world through a bequest

A bequest is a way of leaving a positive mark on society and the world and making sure your values live on. A bequest creates a lasting legacy and has a significant impact on a cause you care about.

Read more about making a bequest

Donate to scientific congresses

By contributing to a congress of your preference, you foster interdisciplinary interactions among scientists and amplify the influence of their research.

Explore the congress calendar

University-related foundations

According to their own mission the Foundations, among other things, are awarding grants and stipends for research and studies.

The University of Tampere Foundation

Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology

We would be happy to answer any queries – please get in touch!

If you want to make a donation of more than €10,000 or have questions about bequests or donations, please contact our Head of Fundraising Elina Suojanen-Laine.

Tax deduction

Donations of €850 or more are tax deductible. If you make a donation as a private person, we will file the claim on your behalf. To be able to do this, we ask you to provide your social security number in the donation form when donating online.

Deductions for a donation – when you donate money to a university -

Fundraising permit

Tampere University Foundation sr, which operates as Tampere University, has a fundraising permit. Donated funds will be used to support activities described in section 2 of the Finnish Universities Act. Donated funds can also be added to the University’s basic capital, and the generated revenues will be used to support activities described in section 2 of the Universities Act.

The fundraising permit was issued by the National Police Board of Finland on 15 May 2020.

Permit number: RA/2020/566
The permit will remain in force indefinitely.