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Donate to Tampere University

Make a donation to support our pioneering research and teaching that is helping to change the world.

Give for the future

Donations support the development of new technologies and solutions to the greatest challenges facing humanity. By donating, you will support research and teaching in all the faculties at Tampere University. Every euro donated is in investment in building a sustainable future.

Donations of €850 or more are tax deductible. If you make a donation as a private person, we will file the claim on your behalf. To be able to do this, we ask you to fill in your social security number in the donation file when donating online.

Seven reasons to donate

You will support research breakthroughs

Donations enable our researchers to explore new avenues of research and address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

You will help to build new expertise

Donations enable us to educate a new generation of professionals who explore new combinations of scientific disciplines and have the ability to creatively apply their expertise.

Monikudosmallintamiseen liittyvä kuvituskuva.

You will contribute to a more sustainable world

Donations support research that helps to address climate change and improve the well-being and sustainability of societies.

You will help to strengthen competitiveness

Donations help to increase the attractiveness of the Tampere region and the competitiveness of Finland.

You will increase the impact of science

Public discussion of donations and fundraising encourage interaction and dialogue between the University and the wider society and thereby increases the impact of science and research.

You will create stability

Donations enable us to maintain and improve the high quality or our research and education.

You will be giving back

Donations are an effective way to give back to society and support future talent.

Our donors lay the foundation for Tampere University’s success

Our generous donors support multidisciplinary research and teaching across the University.

Donations enable our researchers to explore new avenues of research.

Fundraising permit

Tampere University Foundation sr, which operates as Tampere University, has a fundraising permit.  Donated funds will be used to support activities described in section 2 of the Finnish Universities Act. Donated funds can also be added to the University’s basic capital, and the generated revenues will be used to support activities described in section 2 of the Universities Act.

The fundraising permit was issued by the National Police Board of Finland on 15 May 2020.

Permit number: RA/2020/566
The permit will remain in force indefinitely.

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