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Fundraising principles of the Tampere Universities community

Donations strengthen the capital of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) and enable new openings in research and education. Donations play an increasingly significant role in broadening the financial base of the Tampere Universities community.

The values, strategy and mission of the Tampere Universities community guide fundraising

The Presidents of Tampere University and TAMK decide the principles of fundraising. The values, strategy and mission of the university community guide fundraising. The fundraising culture of the university community is based on ethics, openness and respect for the will of donors. It also takes into account the donors from the previous universities and their will as concerns the use of targeted donations. In addition to donor relations, the university community is building significant research and development co-operation with businesses. In all activities, the universities draw a clear line between gratuitous donations and other types of co-operation.

Targeting donations

Tampere University and TAMK have their own fundraising licences and accept both general and targeted donations. On a case-by-case basis, establishing named funds or more precise targeting suggestions may be accepted.

The President of Tampere University or TAMK accepts the donations.

Donations to Tampere University

Donations to Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Using the donated funds

At Tampere University, the University Board annually decides on the use of the return on the donated funds and how much of the donated capital is used. The President decides how the capital in the funds is allocated. The President of TAMK decides on the allocation of the donated funds.

The funded capital is invested according to the principles of investment applied by Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Tampere University is a member of Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum and committed to the principles of responsible investment advocated by the forum.

Key information on the Tampere university community

Donated professorships

Donated professorships or other posts set up with donated funds are human resources whose costs can be covered entirely or mostly by a donation or several donations or by the return on capital of donated funds. The Presidents approve donated professorships and other posts.


There are three foundations in the Tampere Universities community: Tampere University of Applied Sciences Foundation, the University of Tampere Foundation, and the Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology. The foundations may receive donations. The foundations are independent and operate according to their own regulations. The foundations support activities in the university community, for example, by awarding scholarships and grants.