Accuri C6 device in a laboratory

Flow Cytometry

Accuri C6 device in a laboratory


Flow cytometry is a laser-based method in which fluorescent-stained cells are suspended in a stream of sheath fluid and excited with a laser. The fluorescent intensity of the emission is measured by the flow cytometer optics. Up to thousands of cells per second are analyzed and classified based on their fluorescence emission and forward and side scattered light. This yields information on surface and intracellular molecules and cell size and structure. Typical application of flow cytometry include cell counting and sorting and analysis of biomarkers, cell cycle and apoptosis. Flow cytometry is routinely utilized in diagnostics and basic research. The cell-sorting cytometer is able to separate and purify cell populations of interest, based on their fluorescent markers.

The flow cytometry facility has three flow cytometers to serve the different requirements of the researchers. The researchers can operate the instrument by themselves, or alternatively, they can purchase the services they need from the facility personnel. We offer a wide and flexible variety of research services, ranging from panel design to sample run assistance and post-acquisition data analysis. For details and inquiries, please contact the facility manager.

Booking system

Agendo booking system for the cytometers:


All the users of the Flow Cytometry facility services are obligated to acknowledge the facility in publications: “The authors acknowledge the Tampere facility of Flow Cytometry for their service.

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