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I am a social anthropologist fascinated by the developments of social, cultural and political life in communities on both sides of the Gulf of Finland. I’ve been working on a wide range of topics and conceptual frameworks including transnational and translocal mobility and migration, (post-)Soviet subjectivities, home-making, ethnic/racial hierarchies, state and hopes. Above all I am interested in studying ordinary people’s everyday practises leaning on ethnographic explorations, social media ethnography and in-depth interviewing. At the moment I am working as a post-doctoral researcher in Tampere University Pori Unit. I currently conduct ethnographic research in Meri-Pori area in Satakunta region in Western Finland, looking at how people conceptualize and experience well-being under the conditions of de-industrialisation, population decline and decreasing offering of services.


Yhteiskuntatutkimus, Pori