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Tampere longitudinal study on everyday life among families (FamilyDay)

Tampere University
Area of focusSociety




Families face significant challenges linked to their well-being and there are increasing differences and inequality between family practices. Among others’ economic hardship is on the rise due to e.g. new forms of work and the restructuring of the economy. There are also other sources of hardship and stress, such as increasing living expenses, unexpected Covid-19 pandemia, environmental insecurity and security risks.



The objective of FamilyDay is to study the conduct of everday life, parenting, power relations and how these evolve over time. Knowledge produced by the project adds theoretical and empirical knowledge on family, everyday and diversity, including families living in poverty and economic hardship. The broad aim of the study is to bring new empirical and theoretical knowledge to build socially sustainable societies that is sensitive to diversity.  

Funding source

Tieteen tienraivaajat -funding, Faculty of social sciences, Tampere University