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About me

I work as a tenure track- professor of social policy and as research director at the Centre for Childhood, Youth and Family Research (Perla) in the Faculty of Social Sciences. My research focuses on the everyday life of families, livelihoods and poverty, social relations, working life and society, and social policy. I am interested in the changes brought by digitalisation. I also participate in teaching and supervision, including on courses coordinated by Perla, and the Faculty of Social Sciences. I supervise doctoral theses.

Previously I have worked as a researcher and an expert at the Universities of Tampere and Jyväskylä, and at the Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences. Before joining Tampere University I worked as a principal lecturer at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

I have also worked  as a research director at the Tampere University Research Centre on Working Life, as a researcher at the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). My international work experience includes working as an expert and consultant at the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva.  


Selected publications

Examples publications:

Beham, B., Ollier-Malaterre, A., Allen, T. D., Baierl, A., Alexandrova, M., Artiawati, Beauregard, T. A., Carvalho, V. S., Chambel, M. J., Cho, E., Coden da Silva, B., Dawkins, S., Escribano, P. I., Gudeta, K. H., Huang, T.-p., Jaga, A., Kost, D., Kurowska, A., Leon, E., . . . Waismel-Manor, R. (2023). Humane orientation, work–family conflict, and positive spillover across cultures. Journal of Applied Psychology. Advance online publication.

Laine, M., Isoniemi, H., & Tammelin, M. (2023). Työ talouskasvun jälkeen: työn kuvaukset post-growth- ja degrowth-ajattelua hyödyntävissä tutkimuksissa . Poliittinen Talous11(1), 70–92.

Sipari, S., Tammelin, M., Helenius, S., Janhunen, E., Rantakokko, M., Vänskä, N. & Harra, T. (2022). Knowledge Needs in Rehabilitation: Perspectives of Service Users and Professionals. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences, 3, 858081.

Tammelin, M., & Mänttäri-van der Kuip, M. (2021). Policy Alienation in Frontline Social Work–A Study of Social Workers’ Responses to a Major Anticipated Social and Health Care Reform in Finland. Ethics and Social Welfare.

Tammelin M., Hirvonen H., Hämäläinen A, & Hänninen, R. (2021) Sense of belonging in digitalised care work community. H.Hirvonen, M. Tammelin, E. Wouters, R. Hänninen. Critical perspectives to digital transformation of care, Routledge. Digital Transformations in Care for Older People: Critical Perspective (

Tammelin M. & Alakärppä, O. (2021) Technology management, networking positions and work/life boundaries among working adult students. Technology in Society 65 (2021).

Tammelin, M. (2020) Couples’ time management systems: your time, my time or our time? Families, Relationships and Societies, (10)1, March 2021, pp. 137-152(16). DOI: org/10.1332/204674320X16059402201264

Tammelin, Mia (2019) The solo self-employed and intrinsic financial security: does the promotion of self-employment institutionalise dualisation? Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 27( 2), June 2019, 219-234.

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