Living costs

Planning a budget for your time in Finland is an important part of preparing for the journey ahead. All students must fund their studies and living expenses themselves. Make sure that you have adequate funding and enough of financial means to pay for possible tuition fees, your studies and living expenses for the entire period of your study. For basic living expenses, students will need EUR 750-950 per month.

Cost of living per month:

  • Student accommodation 200–900 € (from shared rooms to family apartments)
  • Food 200–300 €
  • Local transportation 37-76 € (varies depending on the zones travelled)
  • Leisure and personal 150–200 €

There are also occasional expenses such as the Student Union membership fee for Tampere University degree students or the YSHS student health service fee for all degree students at both institutions the costs of study material or course books. It is usually not necessary to purchase books as most of the course books are available from the University Library. Therefore, the cost of study material should remain relatively low.

Finnish Immigration Service requires sufficient means of support from students applying for residence permit. More information on the requirements is available on their website.