Public and Global Health smiling student
Degree programme

Public and Global Health

Public and Global Health smiling student

Because health is a right and not a privilege

The effects of global phenomena are transforming the way we work for health at both national and international levels. Our programme offers a unique opportunity to study the intertwined disciplines of public and global health.

The student is equipped with the necessary expertise, tools and skills to work in the complex setting of contemporary and emerging health challenges. The programme integrates the themes of public and global health in the course curriculum, which consists of interdisciplinary studies in health sciences, social sciences, and technology.

The core disciplines of public health, such as epidemiology, health promotion, health systems, and health economics are studied, and a wide range of elective courses are offered. Students grow their expertise in global dynamics studying topics such as inequalities, climate change, migration, ageing and conflicts, to mention but a few.

The study setting is international and students develop a global network of contacts in our multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. The teaching groups are small, the faculty easily approachable and courses include real-world case projects. All our courses, firmly grounded in international research, have a strong focus on transferring this knowledge into practice.

You also learn to apply your knowledge and skills hands-on: a work placement of three months is an option in the programme and strengthens the employability of our graduates. Welcome to the community of current and future public and global health experts!