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Materials Science and Engineering

Tampere University

Do you want to improve the universe?

Dig into secrets of Materials Science.


Master's degree (University)

Degree earned

Master of Science (Technology)

Planned duration

2 years

Extent of studies

120 ECTS



Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

12000 € per academic year

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The future society needs more durable, lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. Essentially all products of our society comprise materials, and therefore also the most significant challenges of our society are somehow related to materials. Just to give some examples; we need lightweight and strong structures to minimize the emission of land and air transportation. We need sustainable and recyclable food packaging, and we should increase the share of bio-based and sustainable raw materials. Also, many applications require highly functional materials: in arctic locations wind turbines require non-freezing surfaces, and new battery materials need to be long-lasting. Materials science studies the production of different structural and functional materials, their consistency and structure, technical properties, and industrial applications. At Tampere University, you can become a material scientist who has a strong knowledge of natural sciences combined with material science. This combined with your passion for developing new material solutions makes you a competitive expert for a wide range of industries. 

In our Materials Science and Engineering programme, you will study with the best professionals in the field. You will learn what the microstructure of materials is like, how materials are related to manufacturing processes, and how they can be optimized for a given application through processing or by changing their composition. In addition, you will learn how to study and analyse different material properties. You can tailor your curriculum by selecting one of our focus areas in materials science as well as strengthening your degree with a minor for which there are dozens of interesting options available. You have freedom to choose the major and minor based on your personal interests and goals. We also offer you the opportunity to complete an international double degree that helps you stand out in the job market. Our graduates are sought-after experts in various companies and research centres in Finland, all over Europe and beyond. This is where the conquest of the universe begins!  

Tampere University - Engineering Materials Science

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