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Environmental Engineering

Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Expertise in environmental issues

Make an impact and solve local or global environmental problems as an environmental engineer. Our Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering is designed to educate international professionals for the energy and environmental industries.

The studies focus on the environment. After graduating as a Bachelor of Engineering, you will be able to steer the processes of industrial and public production and services in a sustainable manner. For example, you will learn how to treat waste and water, and investigate and monitor contaminated soil, water and air. Our practical approach ensures you will know how to carry out sampling and analyses in field and laboratory.

Innovative thinking plays a major role in the degree programme. Studying in an international community and atmosphere will give you unique possibilities to gain confidence and work in various working environments. In addition, you will have a great chance to grow your network with experts all around the world.

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The degree programme of Environmental Engineering has been awarded the international EUR-ACE® label 14 June 2018.

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