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Continuing Education

We offer different types of continuing education to help you stay on top of the changing working life. Regardless of whether you want to develop your professional skills, specialise, head for a new career or try studying in an interesting field, we have a suitable solution for you. If you have any questions or you cannot find what you are looking for in our present-day selection, please feel free to contact us!

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Continuing education

Our continuing education suits you if you want to update your competence and expertise. Continuing education is also a good way to network with other professionals interested in the same theme. The durations of our continuing educations vary from half-a-day seminars to programmes of more than two years. We offer a couple of continuing education courses in English every year.

Our course selection in English

Specialisation studies

Specialisation studies suit you if you want to deepen your competence in a specific field. The extent of the studies is a minimum of 30 credits and they aim at profound development of expertise and professional competence. At the moment, we don't offer Specialisation studies in English.

Open University & Open UAS

Open higher education suits you if you want to follow university or UAS degree studies regardless of your life situation and basic education. By combining courses from our extensive provision as you want, you can quickly learn about themes that interest you. Open university or Open UAS studies may also be your path to a degree student. We offer Open higher education studies both in Finnish and in English.

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Labour market training

Labour market training suits you if you want to improve your position in the labour market. If you become unemployed or are at risk of losing your job, the publicly funded training helps you to update your prior competence or head for a new career. We occasionally offer labour market training in English.

Our course selection in English

Tailored services for companies and communities

Tailored education, training and competence mapping help you to find the development needs of your organisation and develop your work community’s competences. We plan the services based on your needs, using the whole higher education community’s extensive expertise. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you!