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Transfer application to TAMK

Transfer application is aimed at students enrolled in studies leading to a Finnish higher education degree and who wish to transfer their study right from one Finnish higher education institution. Transfers are only possible on Bachelor level. It is not possible to transfer from non-Finnish higher education institution.

Application period

The next application period for transfers is 2 - 16 May 2024   

Students transferring within TAMK are not considered as "transfer students" and have their own separate application procedure for internal transfers.

Read more in TAMK Student's Guide

How to apply

  1. Read the admission criteria of your chosen degree programme carefully. You can access the admission criteria using the list of available degree programmes at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill in the application form on during the application period.
  3. Attach a certificate of study, up-to-date transcript of records and a declaration of ongoing but not yet assessed courses to your application form by the last day of the application period at the latest. The certificate of study and transcript of records need to be (electronically) signed and stamped by your current institution. The declaration of ongoing courses can be written by you and it needs to include the names of the courses you are going to complete by the given deadline (last day of the current semester) and the number of credits you will receive from them.
  4. Monitor your email inbox regularly and react to possible correspondence from TAMK Admissions.
  5. Accept the offered study place on and sign up as present for the coming academic year.

PLEASE NOTE! When you accept a study place via Transfer application, your previous study place will be cancelled automatically. Do not resign by yourself, TAMK Admissions will handle all necessary procedures with your previous institution. If you resign by yourself, you do not have a valid study right at your previous institution anymore at the time of transfer which is why you are not able to transfer your study right to TAMK.

Transfer students and tuition fees

Non-EU/EEA students must pay tuition fees in all degree programmes in English. If transfer students have a document granting them a non-paying status, the document must be attached to the application in Studyinfo. More information:

"Am I required to pay tuition fees" Studyinfo website

If transferring students have completed their payment to their previous higher education institution before receiving their student selection results from TAMK, they must ask for reimbursement from the previous institution and pay the first installment of their tuition fee when completing their enrollment at TAMK.

Transfer students and scholarship waivers

All TAMK scholarships are awarded in the form of partial waivers from tuition fees. Waivers in study years 2-4 are awarded based on study success. Accepted transfer students must deliver their final transcript of records from their previous higher education institution for accreditation and scholarship waiver consideration by 15 August. (NB! Students with a study right starting 1 August 2021 or later:  TAMK offers part of the scholarship waiver programme based on Finnish language skills testing. See Student's Guide for details.)

Transfer students are placed in cohorts based on the starting year of their existing study right and accreditation. Accepted students can see their group code from PAKKI after their transfer to TAMK. The available scholarship wavers for each cohort are described in the TAMK Student's Guide.