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Tampere University Student's Handbook

The personal study plan (PSP) of a doctoral student

Doctoral education is based on competence-based learning, systematicality, high quality, and the transparency of the learning and supervision processes.

Personal Study Plan (PSP) is prepared in SISU which is a study information system at Tampere University. Design and plan your personal study plan (PSP) with your supervisor and update it as needed. The plan is based on the curriculum of your doctoral programme. The target time of completing the doctoral degree is four years of full-time study. Visit the Student’s guide for curricula and the teaching schedule for information on teaching.  The doctoral programmes’ curricula aim to ensure that the student has the necessary skills to work as a researcher and in demanding expert tasks after earning his/her degree.

Please find the instructions for preparing the SISU-PSP from the Faculty pages (Please see below).

 The personal study plan (PSP):

  • improves the legal protection of the doctoral student
  • assists the doctoral student in scheduling his/her studies
  • ensures the consistency and quality of doctoral education
  • keeps the supervisor updated on the doctoral student’s study plans

In the technological fields, the head of the doctoral programme approves personal study plans. In the other fields, the responsible supervisors approve them. (This practice is valid at least in the autumn semester of 2019.)

Even if the curricula of doctoral programmes or the regulations that concern doctoral education change, a student may complete his/her studies in accordance with his/her approved personal study plan within a transition period.


Published: 15.4.2019
Updated: 22.5.2024